How do I transfer my shares to another person or entity?

If you are in possession of your stock certificate(s) and wish to transfer some or all of your shares to another person or entity, please review the following checklist prior to presenting your certificates for transfer.
1. Include Original Stock Certificate(s)
2. Endorse the back of certificate or stock power if changing registration
3. Medallion Guaranteed Stamp on endorsement
4. Include Completed Shareholder Transfer Form (available under the Forms tab above).
5. Provide Complete Names, Addresses, and IDs of Shareholders to Receive the stock.
6. Include delivery instructions for the new certificate
7. Indicate delivery method (FedEx, UPS, Local Pickup/Delivery, Priority Mail)
8. If you are a corporate shareholder and send a Stock Power instead of endorsing the back of the certificate, include a Corporate Resolution indicating signing authority
9. Include any additional forms that may be required (See Restricted Stock section, Lost Certificates Section
10. Include your processing fee
11. Include your phone number or e-mail in case we need to contact you.

Payment can be made by check or credit card.   The fees associated with transferring your shares can be found in the Forms section of this website, under the heading Presenter Fee Schedule.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the forms or fees associated with your transfer request.