What is a “Medallion Signature Guarantee”?

Medallion Signature Guarantees are provided by an eligible institution who is a participant of the medallion program. Medallion Signature Guarantees can be obtained from financial institutions, including commercial banks, brokers, and credit unions. Acceptable Medallion Signature Guarantee Programs are:
1. STAMP (Securities Transfer Agent Medallion Program)
2. SEMP (Stock Exchanges Medallion Program)
3. MSP (New York Stock Exchange Inc. Medallion Signature Program)

Medallion Signature Guarantees do not omit the need for required legal documents, such as death certificates, tax waivers, or corporate resolutions. We can refuse to accept a signature guarantee from an institution that does not participate in the Medallion program or that is not recognized by West Coast Stock Transfer. While guarantor firms can charge a fee for their services, they often don’t and offer them as part of their customer services.

Note to Overseas Investors – You may be able to able to obtain a Medallion Guarantee from an overseas branch of a U.S. or Canadian bank, broker, or credit union with whom you do business.